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Bezdan and surroundings.

Bezdan is located on the left bank of the Danube, fifteen kilometers northwest of Sombor. Located in a vast plain, on the border of Serbia, Hungary and Croatia, surrounded by forests and a network of canals, it is the right choice for those who love nature, fishing and hunting. Water and air are clean because there are no industrial pollutants nearby.


If you want to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with a delicious and widely known fish stew or some other specialties, we recommend one of the many chardi, for example chard Pikec or chard Shebešfok.

In the immediate vicinity, only 5 kilometers from Bezdan, in the village of Kolut, there is a unique zoo with rare specimens of exotic birds and a large number of other animals.

We recommend a tour to lovers of antiques Ethnic house "Jelena" which has a large collection of old objects related to this area, as well as a tour of an authentic silk damask loom,  unique in Europe, where even today unique items are woven on old wooden looms dating back to 1871.


In Bezdan there is a lock whose construction was completed in 1856 and it is the first facility in Europe where underwater concreting was applied.

The far-famed healing spa of Bezdan is located in the very center of Bezdan, not far from our accommodation, and is a modern rehabilitation complex with healing mineral water rich in iodine.

With two indoor pools, as well as a choice of different therapies adapted to the patients' condition, it is the right choice for recovery and rehabilitation.

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